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Sharing life’s moments, instantly.

The Meural WiFi Photo Frame is a completely reimagined connected photo frame that allows you to experience photos in a beautiful new way.

The WiFi Photo Frame

Easily showcase your favorite moments from phone to frame in their fullest, richest detail.

The Canvas II

Now available in two sizes and four colors with a sleek, modern frame design.

WiFi Photo Frame

Instantly share your best memories with the ones you love via an expertly-crafted frame with a beautiful, crystal-clear display.

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Meural Canvas II

Further your appreciation for the visual arts with a stylish, sleek connected canvas that gives you access to thousands of art pieces and lets you upload and share photos.

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A gallery in any space.

Old art, new art, and everything in between. Meural brings 30,000+ works to your wall, shelf, or dresser. Meural Members make the most of their Canvas and WiFi Photo Frame.

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Netgear’s Meural Canvas II is a better version of the best home gadget for photographers

- TechCrunch

Seriously, it looks amazing — between its incredibly sharp picture, superb color rendering and matte finish, it looks better than even most 4K TVs.

- NBC News

Meural by Netgear combines a lovely picture frame, with a gorgeous matte display to deliver carefully curated art from all over the world directly to your wall.

- Forbes