New Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Tri-band Mesh System

WiFi 6 for fastest speeds, greater coverage, increased capacity and robust security

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Full WiFi Coverage

Orbi Pro covers your entire business with consistent WiFi so your customers and employees can have stable internet access without downtime. No more struggling with dead zones and spotty WiFi.


Fast and simple installation

Orbi Pro wire-free systems make WiFi so easy you can set it up yourself. In just a few minutes, you'll have fast WiFi using the Insight app.


Secure WiFi access for your customers

Share your WiFi network with guests without the risks. Orbi Pro separates traffic with three different SSIDs under one network name so you can keep your data safe while happily surfing the web.


Discover the latest addition to the Orbi Pro family - Orbi Pro WiFi 6

Orbi Pro WiFi 6 provides 100% faster speed, 50% more coverage and 4x more device capacity than Orbi Pro. Orbi Pro WiFi 6 is a Tri-band business-grade mesh system built to provide your small business or home office with the ultimate WiFi coverage, performance and security. Note: Orbi Pro WiFi 6 is not compatible with the previous generation of Orbi Pro.
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Why Orbi Pro?

  • No wiring required thanks to a fast, dedicated wireless connection between router and satellite
  • All the business features you need for fully secure, blazing fast WiFi
  • Preconfigured and ready out of the box, use the Insight app® to setup your Business WiFi in minutes and monitor it from anywhere.
  • Connect additional satellites to add more coverage to your business WiFi indoors and outdoors
Larger space? No problem. Orbi Pro’s got it covered

Extend your WiFi range further than before. Add up to 6 satellites to the Orbi Pro Router.


Stronger, Smarter WiFi

Orbi Pro WiFi 5 Tri-Band AC6000 WiFi System (SRK60)

Maximize your WiFi speeds to every inch of your business and beyond

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Orbi Pro WiFi 5 Ceiling Satellite

Sleek and slim design with the same ease of use.

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Orbi Pro WiFi 5 Bundles

Expand your WiFi

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See what Orbi Pro can do for your business

OVERVIEWS Surf Air Travel Club
OVERVIEWS Mo's Burger and Joint
OVERVIEWS Guerra Construction Group

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Quick, easy, app management

NETGEAR Insight remote management

Know what's going on with your WiFi at all times with the Insight app and Web Cloud Portal. Monitor and manage from anywhere.


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