Wireless IP Cameras: See and hear what's going on in the home anytime from anywhere

With a bold, yet unobtrusive, form factor, NETGEAR IP Cameras are the eyes and ears for the most demanding modern home monitoring and automation systems. With robust features such as a built-in microphone, infrared LEDs and battery, and the ability to communicate with storage devices connected to the home network, NETGEAR IP Cameras ensure end-users don't miss important moments. They also included the added benefit of fitting in seamlessly with a homeowner's decor with printable skins.

Ocuity 500 Wireless IP Camera


Daring design. Ultimate functionality. Best-in-class flexibility and customization.

The NETGEAR Ocuity 500® Wireless IP Camera begins with a customizable and discreet form factor, then adds a super-fast 802.11n, dual-band selectable network connection and a built-in battery to offer the fastest, most comprehensive connection, wherever the camera is placed, even during power outages. The built-in infrared LEDs ensure quality video in the dark and MagnaFast® magnetic mounting makes anywhere-placement possible with a complete range of peripherals. 

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